The Line

There is a LINE between I.T. and nearly every other function in your organization. You see the line when you hear words like this...

I don't call I.T. because things get to complicated when I do.
Why does web development take so loooong?
I'm not a "techie"....but....
Can you say that in English please???

If you use technology at all, you've probably said or thought those words yourself recently.

Our goal

Through the Line exists to convert all that technology mumbo-jumbo to understandable, measurable, and scalable results for the rest of the world, so everyone is happier.

We've done it over and over

We work with operations teams to automate processes, cutting down on time and labor.  We work with marketing teams to track engagement and optimize campaigns.  We work with C-suite executives to produce results and reports that enable them to see exactly what is going on in their world, in real-time.  We work with digital teams to develop content strategies that work.

We're multi-lingual

We speak marketing to marketers -- We speak processing to operations folks -- We speak financial to accountants and auditors -- We speak quickly and clearly to executives -- We speak empathy to those who fear technology -- We speak vanilla latte to those who are having a bad day -- We speak HTML/PHP/JS/.NET/JSON/SOAP/ no one.* Through the Line isn't a multi-national, multi-site, multi-million dollar corporation.  Maybe someday...but for now, we've built an awesome clientele by getting fun stuff done, bridging the THICK LINE between the C-Suite and the IT/Engineering/Systems Suite.

For the past 17 years, we have worked with 501c-3 Non-profits, Faith-based ministries, Start ups, SMBs, and a few larger corporations.

P.S. - Looking for Crosslinc Communications?  You've come to the right place.  Crosslinc is now Through the Line, LLC.  Same passion for bridging between technology and the world.  Same expertise to get things done.  Same ability to do "tech" without it feeling "tech". *We do speak those languages, but only to other I.T. / Development staff!


API Integrations

We dislike data-entry, absolutely HATE double data-entry, so we make your business systems talk to each other.


We examine your costly business processes and find ways to automate, saving time and money.


From simple "business card" sites to full Content Management Systems.


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Mediashout CCLI Reporting Tool

Use this tool to compile a Mediashout 4/5 song usage report that can make CCLI reporting a lot easier!

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Convert CD Recording to MP3 Podcast

Background Many churches record their weekly meetings to CD for duplication and for creating podcasts that are then uploaded to their website or podcasting network.  Usually, there are a number of steps involved…steps that a volunteer staff doesn’t have the time or experience to take every week.  The goal of this process is to automatically upload […]

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