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Mediashout CCLI Reporting Tool


Sample CCLI Report Email
Sample CCLI Report Email

This Mediashout CCLI reporting tool below will hopefully save you time when your organization comes up for the CCLI Reporting time.  This tool should work for Mediashout versions 4 and up.  You’ll receive an email showing how many times each song has been used and the critical information required for CCLI reporting.

  1. Zip up the scripts you’d like to have summarized and upload them here.
  2. Check your inbox.

That’s it!  While I have tested this tool quite a bit, and believe it works great, please do a quick sanity check over what it’s telling you to make sure it is accurate for your specific situation.  If you have any suggestions for how to make the tool better, please drop me a note!

(Update: Word has it that Mediashout 6 has a CCLI reporting tool built in, so I would recommend using that if you have that version.)

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