Business Data & APIs

Do you have the data you need to answer your most important business questions?  Is it real-time or weeks old?  Is it in one place or scattered across vendors, databases, spreadsheets?

We build “connections” between systems that bring all your data in to one place and present it in a way that you can quickly make the decisions you need to make.

We analyze your processes and help you identify key performance metrics that can be tracked and reported on.

…And, we remove tedious, manual tasks and replace them with real-time, optimized, automated processes that let you and your staff focus on the fun stuff.

Client: A global office supply store chain
Need: Allow employees to submit digital images and documents to a central place that could be reviewed and “released” by authorized staff
Before TTL: The process involved employees emailing files to each other, which then were saved to Dropbox or other storage services and eventually manually uploaded to their Digital Asset Management system.  Very time-consuming, prone to error, a lot of duplication of work.
After TTL: A secure, scalable web interface for employees in various regions to drag-n-drop their files.  The files are uploaded to the client’s Digital Asset Management system and tagged appropriately.  Staff views assets in the incoming “queue” and releases them for use within the organization.  Our solution saved employee time, resulted in consistent entries (less errors), and quicker turn-around on entries being available for internal use.

Client: A large non-profit
Need: A consistent process for receiving new names from various vendors and marketing firms running ad campaigns on their behalf
Before TTL: The process was different for every vendor/firm and required a person to manually export/import entries, resulting in several days to weeks before new names appeared in their email marketing campaigns and CRM.
After TTL: A system that allows any vendor/firm to automatically submit names, email addresses, physical addresses, etc. that are validated per business logic and then dropped directly into their email marketing program and their internal CRM.  Our solution saved employee time, resulted in consistent entries (less errors), immediate acknowledgement to the new person, and quicker turn-around on new names being available for follow up.